Teen emPowerment

I am a  Licensed & Authorised Teen Facilitator of the You Can Heal Your Life® Philosophy.

Teen emPowerment Workshop is program designed to help empower teens in loving themselves & finding happiness in their lives, despite current issues and challenges they may be experiencing.   

It was inspired by the adult workshop created by Louise Hay called Love Yourself, Heal Your Life®, which is based on her affirmative principles & philosophies

Teen emPowerment Workshop is taught only by trained and Licensed Heal Your Life® instructors.  

This is not considered a support group.  It is however a place for teens to learn new skills & tools to assist them in living a more self-fulfilling life, while supporting one another through the process.  


These tools are complementary & integrative with already on-going therapy.  During these interactive Workshops, teens will engage while learning new resources through exercises and discussions.  

Teen emPowerment Workshop is intended solely for teens, which creates a safe and comfortable environment for teens to open up and contribute life experiences & concerns.